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Raison d'être

Houses that breathe, houses with soul for people with a new sensibility.
An innovative concept designed for those who understand that building means commitment.

A way of construction that is based on the use of sustainable materials and a marked energy efficiency.

A completely innovative and suggestive concept within the traditional ecological construction.

A selection of our most emblematic projects, houses that breathe, houses with their own personality

latest projects


With the best ecological materials, extraordinarily efficient and at the same time modern, balanced and cosy.

Quercus petra

A succession of spaces in synchrony, from the intimacy of the Mediterranean courtyard to the infinite lines of its swimming pool.

Agua Marina

A balcony overlooking the Mediterranean that projects its charms towards the south façade with an impressive sea view.

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What's Bass?

Bass is a project, a human team, a purpose of improvement.

It is run by its owners, Cristina Le Peuch, a businesswoman, architect and designer, accompanied in this work by Jose Antonio Ortiz, a construction entrepreneur specialising in ecological and sustainable construction.

The rest of the set is completed with a professional group, technicians in different fields who believe in the need to promote a culture protective of the environment, in sustainability, where there is another way of doing things that can improve the life experience.

A set of motivated people who push hard in the same direction. To a large extent the key to our success.

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