A completely innovative concept within traditional ecological construction.

Efficiency and energy saving

Materials and Resources

Sustainability of the site

Efficiency and water saving

Indoor environment quality

BASS SYSTEM® is an evolution of the construction system typical of the most technologically advanced countries: the one known as the Platform Frame. The real innovation of BASS SYSTEM® lies in the Mediterranean, in the use of materials and construction concepts typical of its millenary tradition. This, together with the application of bioclimatic design criteria, makes BASS SYSTEM® a completely unique system in the world of ecological construction.

Great variety of constructive options.

It’s a really versatile structural system. Due to its high mechanical resistance, it makes it possible to create almost unlimited lights and flights, generating clean and contemporary lines without having any type of architectural impediment.

Speed of execution and rational use of resources.

Compared to modular systems, BASS SYSTEM® allows you to combine personal designs, on-site execution and short construction times. It also drastically reduces the production of waste and, in turn, the acoustic and aesthetic impact on the environment.

Lightweight System.

With a relative weight of only 400kg/m3, compared to 2500kg/m3 for concrete or 7000kg/m3 for steel, it represents a real change of concept in terms of the foundation of a building. Moreover, thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it is the system that behaves best in the face of seismic movements.

Reduction of Emissions and energy consumption during the execution.

The lightness of a BASS home translates into considerable savings in emissions associated with transport and the use of auxiliary machinery.

Dry construction.

This type of construction does not use mortars and, therefore, there are no drying times. This means that water consumption on site is almost zero and waste is minimal and recyclable. In this way, execution times are optimised and millimetric control is guaranteed, both in the design and in the delivery time of the home. In addition, this system greatly facilitates the tasks of maintenance and future repairs «without works».

Hygrometric capacity.

The wood used in BASS SYSTEM® is considered a hygroscopic material, that is to say, it is capable of absorbing and ceding humidity to the environment, regulating in a natural and constant way the humidity of the interior of our houses. In this way we are able to mitigate respiratory or allergic problems.

Lower energy maintenance costs.

Wood, as a natural thermal insulator, is an optimum material that allows us to completely eliminate thermal bridges and energy losses. This, together with an enclosure with very high features, makes it possible for the real consumption of the house to be insignificant compared to that of a conventional house.

Greater comfort than in a traditional building.

Due to its great thermo-acoustic insulation and its capacity to maintain constant humidity and temperature conditions, a BASS fireplace guarantees unequalled comfort in any season of the year.

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To guarantee structural safety, in accordance with the Technical Code, we use a system of continuous reinforced concrete footings. BASS pays special attention to the coverings of the steel bars for a greater durability of the system, and to the transverse tying, which allows to assure an optimal behavior in case of earthquake. Thanks to a lighter and safer structural system, the loads transmitted to the ground are minimal.

The foundation system, apart from receiving the structural loads and transferring them to the ground, also has a differential electric intensity discharge system. They guarantee the safety of the electrical installation and dissipate possible electromagnetic pollution.


Wood is a high quality building material, lightweight, strong and durable, as well as renewable and with a negative carbon footprint. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies all wood elements used in BASS construction.

The «platform frame» structural system, a light wooden structure, provides optimum use of materials, being the most used in countries with a high level of technological development such as the United States, Canada, Japan and much of the countries of northern Europe. This system allows a great saving of time and material.

Structural Resistance

Its lightness complements the structural capacity of wood, being the material with the best weight/resistance ratio, even surpassing concrete and steel.

– Earthquake Resistance.
The combination of low weight, continuous framing and flexible material offered by BASS SYSTEM® is the optimum solution to guarantee structural integrity and avoid secondary damage caused by landslides in traditional systems during an earthquake.

– Fire resistance.
Structural wood is physically protected by biocompatible materials and is never exposed to the action of fire. The resolution of the structure incorporates elements specifically designed and dimensioned to avoid the chimney effect in the insulating chambers of the façade.

The BASS SYSTEM® structural system exceeds the requirements of the Technical Building Code for concrete and steel structures. The use of biocompatible materials, such as cork and wood fibre, is a great advantage in the event of fire, as they do not spread flames.

In addition, its combustion produces only CO and water vapour, much less harmful than the gases emitted at high temperatures by industrial insulators (polystyrenes or polyurethanes), which are, in some cases, more dangerous than the flames themselves.

Impact by extraction and transformation.

Unlike traditional structural materials such as steel, concrete or ceramics, tree felling and sawing do not involve CO2 emissions in manufacturing and recycling.

At the moment of its combustion or decomposition as waste, the contribution of carbon to the atmosphere will be identical to that fixed by photosynthesis. The production of wood pieces, compared to conventional construction materials, requires a much lower quantity of water and, therefore, has a lesser impact on the quality of the wastewater tributaries.
Wood generates a waste, also of natural wood, and therefore totally biodegradable, recyclable and reusable, for example, as biomass.


The structural wood is totally protected from the elements by the rest of the elements of the system integrated in the enclosure. In this way, it is in practically constant humidity and temperature conditions that allow its useful life to be greater than 500 years, as shown by numerous buildings of our historical heritage.

BASS has designed a High Tech envelope, compatible and complementary to the Platform Frame structural system, through the use of natural materials that offer maximum performance.

Thermal insulation

The excellent thermal behaviour of dwellings is based on high insulation (U<0.20 W/m2ºC, reaching values below 0.16 W/m2ºC).

Acoustic insulation

It is precisely the parallel use of different materials and densities that enables extraordinary acoustic behaviour and insulation across the entire sound spectrum at different wavelengths.
Materials such as cork and floating construction solutions eliminate the transmission of sound waves by low frequency resonance and vibrations. On the other hand, in large spaces phono-absorbent solutions are incorporated to avoid uncomfortable reverberation.


Without a doubt, the differentiating element of BASS SYSTEM® is its active contribution to the health of the family. The natural mortars, based on lime and silicates, as well as the intermediate materials of the enclosure allow the continuous renewal of the interior air, naturally regulating the environmental humidity. BASS skin breathes like your own, creating a healthy indoor environment beyond comfort. All the materials used have passed the strictest controls to guarantee the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehydes.

Control of electromagnetic fields

In terms of health, special consideration has been given to the elimination of electromagnetic pollution inside the home using the following materials and systems:

– Cork: Among its many virtues is its ability to act as a natural shield against the radiation of high frequency waves from repeaters, transformers, power lines and mobile phone antennas.

– Painting: The use inside of paints specially designed for shielding, with discharge to the ground through foundations, creates a neutral environment and, therefore healthy, thanks to the Faraday effect.

– Design of the electrical installation: with the study of the laying of the ducts, the selection of coaxial wires and above all the on/off sectorized domotic control, BASS manages to eliminate the pollution of electrical origin and magnetic fields associated with the indoor environment.

Light and thermal comfort.

It is possible to guarantee the luminous and thermal comfort thanks to:

– The exterior carpentry, made with noble woods and certified of low thermal transmission.

– Double glazing with argon emission incorporated in the intermediate chamber.

– Sistemas activos de protección solar, gestionados por central inteligente domótica.

The constructive resolution of the carpentry elements is key to guarantee the correct functioning of the system, allowing to reach an optimal solar factor and reducing the electrical consumption in artificial lighting and air conditioning.


Sustainable, timeless, contemporary high-tech material, 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.
The wood generates a positive balance of CO2 in the building, since since its birth the tree is absorbing CO2 and generating oxygen. In addition, it is a biocompatible and noble material that properly managed is a renewable resource with a negative carbon footprint.
BASS only uses wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This independent international body verifies forest management systems, guaranteeing, among other principles, the conservation of natural forests.


A natural, breathable, autochthonous product with a highly renewable character.
It behaves like a shield that protects the tree from both the cold and the scorching sun of a Mediterranean climate, while allowing it to breathe. It is an excellent thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulator. It has a high mechanical resistance and an exceptional behaviour against humidity.

The cork is a highly safe material under extreme conditions, being able to retard the collapse of a house by combustion, since it is characterized by its great dimensional stability, its resistance to the fire, in addition to the absence of toxicity when burning and not to be propagator of flame.
It is also a chemically inert material, protected against insects and other microorganisms. Finally, it allows the regulation of the effective environmental humidity of the spaces doing, in turn, of healthy and natural armor.


100% natural and biocompatible material, used since the most remote antiquity. It is a great fixer of CO2 of the environment, which constantly purifies the air around it.
Its high plasticity and malleability means that the risk of cracking in the medium to long term is minimal or non-existent, greatly reducing maintenance. It possesses an enormous capacity to store heat being a great ally in warm climates on sunny facades.

In addition, its great diffusing power of water vapour increases the «botijo effect» in the interior of the house and means greater natural cooling. Its fungicidal and antiseptic character prevents the appearance of microorganisms, maintaining the healthiness of the building.

The excellent passive BASS design is actively complemented by the latest installation technology:

Electricity and Lighting.

BASS incorporates a sophisticated LED lighting design that is easy to use and intuitive.
Thanks to its domotic management, an optimal balance is achieved between natural and artificial lighting to satisfy the needs of the family. It is possible to eliminate the indoor environment, the pollution of electrical origin and the associated magnetic fields, through the design of the electrical installation, the study of the laying of pipes, the selection of coaxial wires and, above all, the on/off sectorized domotic control.

BASS SYSTEM® achieves very low-consumption housing, allowing energy autonomy to be achieved through the architectural integration of electricity production systems using renewable energies.

Use of high technology systems to humanize your home.

Air conditioning and ACS production

The high level of comfort that BASS offers is only possible with low temperature radiant/cooling air conditioning systems, either by means of floor systems, in horizontal surface, or microcapillaries, in vertical walls.
The energy is obtained by means of solar panels with support, if necessary, of an aerothermal heat pump or another type of renewable energy.

Aerothermal is the technology that allows BASS to obtain energy directly from the air, in support of solar energy. With this renewable source we reach up to 75% of clean energy in the conditioning of the house.

Healthy and Efficient Ventilation System

BASS incorporates a controlled mechanical ventilation system with dual silent flow. The quality and purity of the air is ensured through the extraction of the foul air and the supply of purified air by means of an air treatment unit.

This system contributes to the great thermal comfort and an important energetic saving in our houses, thanks to a heat exchanger of high efficiency. Up to 92% of the energy from the extracted air can be recovered.

BASS SYSTEM® incorporates the latest advances in home automation systems, combining intelligence, comfort and functionality.

The main functions are:

Consumption control

automatización de viviendas

Of all the functionalities that domotics can provide, it is perhaps the one that is most identified with the BASS philosophy. It is here where we will apply the most advanced technologies, available on the market, to achieve a home as efficient as possible and respectful of the environment and people.

The home will act autonomously and intelligently, reducing and optimising consumption. For BASS it is essential that the home is, above all, a comfortable space. In addition to being a sophisticated system, it is very intuitive and easy to use, and can even be managed manually.

Lighting control

You will be able to create different environments, depending on the preferences and needs of each person. To do so, you can play with the switching on or off as well as with the regulation of the luminaires, whether they have a constant light tone or RGB lighting. The lighting control can be conventional, autonomous, through the use of presence detectors or combining both systems.

Taking into account the contribution of light received from outside the home is another of the energy-saving advantages offered by the home automation system. Thanks to luminosity detectors, the luminaires that are closer to the external light source will be dimmed at a lower intensity than the more distant ones, maintaining at all times the level of luminosity that is required.

Control of blinds

The control of the blinds, by means of domotics is fundamental to guarantee the passive behavior of the house in order to regulate the quantity and the form in which the light enters.

Climate control

The greatest energy consumption of a house is produced by the air conditioning and ventilation system. Therefore, BASS SYSTEM® considers its management to be of paramount importance.

This is achieved through the use of different systems in combination with home automation, to carry out those aspects that are naturally difficult to achieve. In this way you will be able to create different environments of comfort that will vary according to the season of the year.

Security control

Our domotic system will supervise the house through the same sensors using the lighting control that will be adjusted, on demand, to a surveillance mode. This allows a much more precise detection and the possibility of monitoring the whole house. This section includes everything related to technical alarms: smoke detection, flood alarms, air quality or events involving power failures.

Last but not least, the control system is able to simulate a random presence for those periods of time in which the owners are not in the house, providing a point of security.

Multimedia Control

Another of the functionalities provided by the home automation system is the comfort when operating the different multimedia devices available in the home. This is the case of the SONOS sound system, which gives us the option of visualising what is being reproduced or even selecting what we want at each moment.

For BASS the management of water is a subject of capital importance, we are aware of the value it has as a finite natural resource.
We combine savings in consumption through the use of toilets with a highly efficient flush system and taps with aerators, with adequate water management.

Water management is divided into three blocks

– The incorporation of draining surfaces in the exterior urbanisation of the plot and the urban accumulation systems for rainwater allow us to be self-sufficient in irrigation and avoid dangerous runoffs.

– BASS can offer complementary systems for the purification and accumulation of grey water and double circuit.

– The Sanitary Hot Water (DHW) system in a closed ring, with forced circulation, avoids the loss of volume from the moment the tap is opened until the hot water arrives.