Green Building

What is Green building?

Green building is a form of construction based primarily on the use of sustainable natural materials and marked energy efficiency.

The objective of green construction is to achieve buildings that respect the environment and the well-being of the user, to obtain buildings with optimum energy efficiency.

Likewise, the type of materials used for the construction of the house or building and the carbon footprint resulting from its manufacture and handling are all relevant. The reuse of resources and the energy generated or obtained from a previous planning that allows the appropriate recycling for each entity.

Green building or bio-construction is a broad process that occupies and involves different concepts such as those mentioned above. We could say that it is an ethical principle an awareness spirit for a global improvement project for all.

as a vision

At BASS we understand ecological construction as a necessary tool for change. Housing with a soul for people with a new sensibility.

as a process

Talking about ecological construction means talking about bioclimatic design, environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency.

as certified

PassivHaus, Class A Certification, BREEAM®, Green Certification. Our BASS SYSTEM® complies with several of the ecological environmental certificates.

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In order to facilitate the development and cohesion of this type of construction, different but coherent evaluation methods have been created, the so-called «Certificates». Passivhaus, BREEAM®, WELL, are the best known although there are some more. The difference between them is given by the concepts that score, such as indoor air quality, thermal or acoustic insulation, among others, although they all have a common denominator, efficiency and well-being.

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There is also another fact that, although «less romantic» in character, we cannot ignore, and it is the RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

It is unquestionable the interest declared by governments and financial entities, to mention the most obvious, in the concept of «sustainable construction», from new Ministries created for the promotion and development of these practices to financial products that propose better conditions if they have the aforementioned label. Real estate investment cannot be understood without the direct participation of these principles to the detriment of traditional «brick and mortar» construction.

In this section you will be able to learn first hand about sustainable construction in three different ways. Choose one of the options to understand a little more about the building of the future.