The Green Building as a vision

Bass Houses · Construcción Ecológica y Sostenible


Taking design and contemporary architecture as our starting point, BASS has developed a totally innovative concept of ecological housing. Modernity, sophistication and efficiency to meet the demands of those committed to their environment and the well-being of the people who live in it.

     || For BASS, design, good design, combines aesthetics and functionality.

Design, moreover, is a value that allows us to stand out, generate beauty, differentiate ourselves and define our personality.

In BASS we bet for a rationalist style, of pure lines and minimalist inspiration, where the important thing is the attention for the detail and the search of the essential thing.


Mediterranean Spirit

Where we are born, where we grow up, our culture, all this defines and conditions us for the rest of our lives. BASS is Mediterranean because it is there where it is born, where it is developed as a concept, where it deepens in search of knowledge and inspiration.

       || For BASS, the Mediterranean speaks of a complex personality rich in knowledge and wisdom.

The Mediterranean is identity, it is a way of being and understanding life. The Mediterranean is health and enjoyment, values and tradition, mixture, quality of life and comfort, but also functionality and design. That’s why at BASS we want the Mediterranean to be part of you.

Bass Houses · Construcción Ecológica y Sostenible

Tailor Made

Because each person has his or her own ideal of life, making that vision a reality is one of our main commitments. In BASS we know that only by taking into account every detail, measuring every aspect, every element and, above all, listening and understanding you, we can achieve that goal.

       || We are looking for a special moment in which to share with you a vision, a purpose.

To begin with we want you to tell us about yourself, your personality, what worries you, where you see yourself, what you are looking for. The technical solutions, that is to say, how we arrived comes later.